How To Check Original Samsung

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How To Check Original Samsung iPhone or Fake Smart Phone

Easy way to check the original and duplicate of Samsung mobile phone:
When talking about smartphones, it would not be wrong to say that most companies around the world who first preferred the mobile to SamsSung,
The most of People liked smartphone samples around the world,is SamSung, But most Often people of us spend thousands of rupees worth buying a smartphone, which are imitation.

Most of the Samsung mobile phones are not the South Korean companies.

If you want to avoid buying mobile phones on the name of Samsung mobile phone So we have been betting for you some important tips, which can easily prevent you from cheating

These 3 Best way to Check your Original Samsung
How To Check Original Samsung
How To Check Original Samsung

NO 1: AMOLED display

if you Restart your smart phone Then your mobile is Starting then First your see AMOLED display,

The AMOLED display has been given in most models of Samsung’s mobile, it can also tell the difference between Real and fake SamSung Smart Phone in your Hands.

This Type of display is of a light black color as you can see in the top of the Screen, Fake devices Generally show Gray, Blue and brone display.

No 2: SamSung Code *#7353#

Simpley Dial the Secret Code ( *# 7353 # ) in Your Own SamSung Phone Smart Phone , and open A New menu special Application in Real Samsung Galaxy Phone,

Which can check the your Smart phone Screen, Camera, Speaker, Bluetooth, Vibration, Accelerometer Sensor, Proximity Sensor, VT Camera, Dimming, and other functions of the phone to test

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No 3: Samsung IMEI check Code *#06 #*

If you dial Secret number is ( *#06# ) in your own SamSung Smartphone, So the Open the 15 digit code, This called an IMEI Number, shows up on the screen And Also See you mobile serial number,

(This method works only on some models).