about pakistan

About Pakistan


In Today’s Article, we will provide you with some important information About Pakistan in English | The world thinks about Pakistan Terrorism in Pakistan And Extremism in Pakistan And sectarianism in Pakistan And corruption in Pakistan And load-shedding in Pakistan and expensive inflation in Pakistan but despite all of these we love Pakistan indefinitely.

Have some of you in front of you If you are given good advice, then where will your love rate reach Pakistan? Pakistan’s most beautiful Country in the World And A large number of foreign tourists turn here but even when beautiful countries are spoken only in the Maldives, Baku, Italy, France, and Switzerland come to mind.

about pakistan
about pakistan

These include a number of Pakistanis, Those who always talk about being traveled abroad,Maybe they do not know how Pakistan is a beautiful country,

1: Islamic Month Mame 2: About Google 3: Pakistan landscape

  • There are many things in Pakistan that make it the world’s best country
  • Hunza Valley in Pakistan is one of the most beautiful valleys,
  • Lake Saif Al-Mulk is also one of the few Beautiful places in Pakistan,
  • Count of Atta Abad Lake is the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan but also in Asia,
  • Babu is situated at the top Kaghan Valley is a beautiful location on the hills and greenery by marbled,
  • Talking about the tourist attractions in Pakistan, I also included a name ‘Shangrila Resort’ Swat Valley,
  • located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, is called Asia’s ‘Switzerland’
  • Nearly half of the world’s 25 highest mountains, eleven, are located in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan scientist and engineer producer is the world’s seventh largest country,
  • Pakistan also has the honor of the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Exhibition, which was acquired by Arafa Abdul Karim and Badrakbal,
  • Pakistan also has the honor of getting the youngest Nobel Prize, which Malala Yousufzai received.
  • Pakistan won the Hockey World Cup four times (1971, 1978, 1982, 1994)
  • Pakistan made six nuclear explosions at the location of Chhattisgarh on May 28, 1998.
  • The world’s most high canal system is only Pakistan.
  • The world’s largest lake, Turbella is the lake.
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